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Verna Vogel at Irvine School

This past September during Alberta Culture Days 2015, TREX Southeast spent the day at Irvine School in Irvine AB. We invited Calgary artist Verna Vogel to conduct a workshop, that engaged students in visual expression through a hands on project. The workshop theme was based on the theme in the TREX exhibition Eye and the City (which was on display in their Library during the workshop). Several steps were taken in preparation of the project, as a group the students discussed qualities unique to a city; the smell, sounds, navigation, as well as a exercise on peripheral vision. The grade six classes created individual works using a variety of materials based on the theme Urban Landscapes. The process included cutting out a variety of shapes using unique papers such as cork and rice to develop a cityscape composition. They completed the piece by drawing in details using oil pastels. Fun was had by all (even though they worked very hard) and we were extremely impressed with all of the works created. We had a great time!