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Geneva Haley: Scraps


This exhibition features twenty paintings by emerging Calgary-based artist Geneva Haley. Haley encourages viewers to develop relationships with her paintings through their own experiences. What can the landscape teach you about yourself? This is the question Haley asked herself as she developed this series of hand-painted illustrations. Through visual metaphors, these works express the struggle to balance chaos and control. Haley explains that “as a lifelong Albertan, I believe that examples of our own performativity leak into the ways in which we represent and manipulate our landscape, which many of us consider an aspect of our collective identity.”

These works were inspired by Haley’s graphic novel that explores teenage-hood in rural Alberta. Her series of illustrations conveys isolation, fragility, and destruction in small-town Alberta, and the impact these things have on our subconscious and consciousness. The slightly melancholy subject matter is balanced by an upbeat aesthetic, influenced by her wicked sense of humour and “don’t take life too seriously” attitude. The spectrum produces endearing imagery and a relatable visual narrative of her life in small-town Alberta.

Geneva Haley is originally from Olds, Alberta, where she grew up on a fifteen-acre barley farm. Being the youngest and the only girl in a family of five children, she spent a lot of time on her own exploring her imagination in this rural habitat. Haley studied at the Alberta University of the Arts, completed her Bachelor of Design in illustration in 2016, and currently runs her own illustration studio in Calgary.