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How to Host an Exhibition

List preferred bookings on request form (online)
Send form by fax, email, or request by phone
Selections will be confirmed or alternatives suggested by Program Manager/ Curator

About three weeks before the show’s arrival, the venue will receive: Exhibition interpretive catalogue and educators guide (copy to keep), exhibition loan contract, invoice, condition report form, publicity report form, visitor comment sheet
Sign both copies of contract, return one copy to Program Manager/ Curator by mail or fax
Venue to send Promoational materials (media release) to local media

Interpretive/ education guides are provided to connect the audience with artists
Learning activities for the classroom are offered to engage and inspire students
Artists may be available to visit the venue in person, to find out more about arranging a special event such as an artist talk or visiting artist workshop while the exhibition is on display, please contact Program Manager/ Curator

Crate(s) will arrive by transport truck
Please wait 24 hours before opening crates to allow contents to gradually meet venue’s temperature and humidity levels

Unpack artwork carefully from crates, noting any special handling instructions
Use condition report form to list incoming artwork
Inspect artwork/ frames for signs of damage
Set up display of artwork and didactic panels
Avoid sunlight/ heat sources/ water sources
Attach labels to wall or table surfaces near artwork (no tape or gum on Plexiglas)
Clean surfaces with soft, clean cloth

Carefully remove artwork from walls, shelves or tables
Complete outgoing condition report form
Place artwork in designated slots/containers inside crates
Place artwork labels in envelopes and put in crates
Seal crates

Third-party billed to the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre
Shipping labels and instructions are emailed to the venue one week prior to scheduled pick up
The TREX curator arranges shipment to the next venue via Hi-Way 9 Transport company

Fill out publicity and attendance report form
Mail or fax completed forms; visitor comments and publicity attendance report to Program Manager/ Curator.

A $75.00 exhibition fee is due 30 days after exhibition, and payable by cheque to the City of Medicine Hat