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Mandy Stobo at Hanna Municipal Library

Hanna Library Workshop with Mandy Stobo April 13 – 14, 2014 – Open to the community

22 participants came to Hanna Library to meet Mandy Stobo, learn more about her art practice and make their own ‘bad portrait.’ The Bad Portrait workshop explores “mark making” exercises that allow participants to become more comfortable with their individual marks. This workshop encourages participants to find beauty in their quarks and unique style. This workshop aims to increase participant’s confidence in drawing through discussion, visual exercises exploring shape and gestural techniques and the creation of a ‘bad’ self-portrait.

For more information about Mandy Stobo and the Bad Portraits Project please visit or follow Mandy on Twitter @badportraits.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop please contact Xanthe Isbister, Program Manager and Curator at 403-502-8586 or