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Tom Willock in Rockyford

On September 20, 2014 Tom Willock, Susan Sax-Willock and I travelled to Rockyford, Alberta, a little town of 325 people, surrounded by rolling hills and farmland. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by Gary Billings who is a board member of the Rockyford Library, which hosted Tom Willock’s TREX exhibition Immersed in Waterton this past July. Fourteen residents of Rockyford were ready and waiting, geared up with photo equipment for the two hour morning photo excursion. Tom consulted each participant throughout the excursion, on both technical and aesthetic considerations. After a break for lunch we reconvened to discuss our results (please see images above). The images produced were impressive, each participant capturing the essence of this quaint, rural town, that is four streets long (and hosts one of the best Rodeo’s in Alberta) . It was a wonderful fall day, filled with sun, fresh air, art and laughter.

Thank you Rockyford, this visiting artist workshop was unforgettable.

Images by: Tracy Rehlau, Gary Billings, Kristi Cox, Kaylin Cox, Peyton Cox, Betty Ann Goodfellow, Pam Larsen, Lisa L’Heureux, Moe Zaleschuk, Louise Welen, Maureen Bray, Martin Kelly, Pheonix Vezina, Montana Bardi, and Xanthe Isbister.