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Visiting Artist Workshops September 2015-August 2016

TREX Southeast continues our Visiting Artist Programming through hands on workshops at a variety of venues, for the September 2015-August 2016 year. There are two workshops on average per venue, 20 participants per workshop. We estimate our artists will creatively impact over 200 hundred people throughout our Southeast communities this year. All of our workshops are funded by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Period 1

Verna Vogel at Irvine School, grade 6 classes

Period 3

Niki Sangra at I.F. Cox School, grade 2 classes

Niki Sangra at Margaret Wooding School, grade 4 and 5 classes

Period 5

Verna Vogel at Drumheller Public Library, adult workshop, age 15 and up, free and open to the public.

Period 6-10 – In the process of scheduling, TBA.