5 Major Benefits of Adopting a Shih Tzu

Shih Tzus weighs between 10-19 pounds when fully grown and is a popular toy dog breed whose origins are unknown. However, it’s believed to have come from Tibet before it was developed in China. If you’re reading this article today, chances are you are researching what pet breeds will go well with you the most. So let’s tackle the benefits of adopting a Shih Tzu to help you decide.

Benefits of Owning a Shih Tzu

Aside from its stress relieving cuteness, Shih Tzus are called excellent physicians due to the psychological and physical advantages of owning one. If you’re still pondering whether this is the right canine breed, we’ve detailed five significant benefits that can interest you and motivate you to get one for yourself today.

1. Loves staying indoors

While this pet breed can compete in sports like agility, they also enjoy spending time indoors with their owners. They are primarily bred to be companion dogs, so this is where they shine. Their idea of quality time would be to stay next to you or follow you around your house. If you’re a Shih Tzu owner, always be mindful of their health.

If you observe behavior that might indicate an emergency, take them to facilities like Horizon Veterinary Clinic. These places offer vet diagnostic services that can instantly evaluate your pet’s condition and provide them with professional care and treatment.

2. Requires minimal exercise

Shih Tzus are a small dog breed, so they will not need a lot of activities and exercise, unlike large canine breeds. A quick walk around the backyard or street could be adequate to exhaust these lovely canine companions. This canine breed is the best option for people who do not like to run much but need a companion for short walks or in apartment residents.

Shih Tzus can still help you become physically fit if you’re trying to lose extra weight. Taking them out for a walk or doing some activities with them can keep you moving and even tone your muscles which is an easy and best means to look fantastic. If you’re in doubt about how much exercise your Shih Tzu needs for their size and age, you can always ask the vet about it during their pet check up.

3. They have stunning coats

Shih Tzus have many colors you can choose from when you take one as your pet. These include black & white, solid black, red & white, liver, brindle & white, gold with a black mask, and gold & white. A few of these puppies have blue eyes, and their coats can be groomed or kept long depending on your preferences, way of life, or weather condition.

4. Helps normalize blood pressure

Many people today experience high blood pressure, and it’s common news. However, getting a Shih Tzu is claimed to be efficient in normalizing blood pressure. With the comfort and stress-relieving cuteness Shih Tzus emit, you can forget your stress and concerns, the two common elements that cause BP to rise.

Shih Tzus are easy to take care of, just as you would with other canine breeds. They need routine vaccinations and preventatives to protect them from life-threatening parasites and common pet conditions to lengthen their life and memories with you.

5. Great for new owners

Shih Tzus can swiftly blend and adapt into a new home without much effort, making it a good family pet for new owners with or without experience with canines. While their size may be challenging when small children or large pets are in your house, you’ll see them quickly adjusting to whatever you need them to do.