A Few Winterizing Tips for Your Home

As most of the United States prepares for colder weather, it is prudent to prepare our homes for winter’s challenges and weather concerns. Preparing for freezing temperatures and ice and snow storms will enable you to endure winter with minimal wear and tear. Here are a few leads to help prepare your home for winter.

Clean and service your air conditioner.

During each season, you must clean or replace the air conditioning system’s filter(s) every month or two. If you have dogs with fur, use your air conditioner frequently, or live in a dusty area, you may need to clean your filters more frequently. Keeping the filter clean or replacing old filters will cut your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5 to 15% plus you can also save your time and money with LG Home Comfort or any other hvac services near you to ensure the job is performed correctly. 

Never use a generator inside the house.

Never run a generator inside a home, cellar, shed, or garage, even with open doors and windows. Generators should be stored outside, away from windows, and as distant from the house as feasible. This winter has already claimed lives due to carbon monoxide poisoning caused by generators. Safeguard yourself and your family by installing and testing carbon monoxide detectors at least once monthly.

Take precautions to keep your home warm.

There are various methods for keeping your home warm during a power outage. Close blinds or curtains to maintain a warm house. Close off vacant rooms to prevent heat loss and stuff towels or rags under doors.

In the winter, house fires are widespread and may occur if you are careless with your home’s heating. Keep ignitable materials at least three feet out from any heat source, and only plug in one heat-generating device at a time (like a fireplace or radiator). Never use an oven or gas burner to heat your house.

Contact your local emergency services office to improve your water quality and locate nearby warming centers if your electricity goes out during severe winter.

Have someone inspect the furnace.

Employ a contractor for furnace repair services with the approach of winter to maintain your furnace and boiler’s safe and efficient operation. The technician deconstructs the burners, examines the contacts and sensors, and replaces the filter. Regularly inspect the filter (which slides in) and replace it when it turns brown or black to preserve the appliance’s optimal performance. Flat filters have less surface area for capturing particles than pleated filters.

Examine the outside of your home.

Are there any trees with broken or cracked limbs? Does the growth of ice or snow compound any damage to the parking lot caused by summer rain? Have tree limbs grown to the point that they threaten to cause damage to electrical cables by growing over or beneath them?

Winter may make it incredibly challenging to do this type of work. Plan it now, so you have less to worry about when the cold season hits.


Home winterization may not be your top priority. Even though most of us would like to spend our free time doing something else, beginning now will help you ensure that your home is in good condition for the fall and winter. If your region experiences brutal winters, prepare your home and property now so that you can relax when the first frost arrives.