A Traveler’s Guide to Cannabis in Thailand

Many who have seen Thailand’s sunny, laid-back climate have concluded that the only thing lacking is marijuana. For the record, marijuana has always been available there, but its sale or use has resulted in heavy sanctions. Thailand’s jails are notoriously deplorable. However, marijuana laws have been loosening globally, prompting many to question whether Thailand will decriminalize the drug. The change came in 2022. When strolling the streets of Chiang Mai and you notice a store with a neon pot leaf, you may question if marijuana is legal in Thailand. Indeed, thanks. Here is some essential information.

Why was marijuana legalized in Thailand?

The Thai government considers cannabis to be a new business. According to the Thai Industrial Hemp Trade Association, the marijuana-related industry is currently valued at 40 billion baht ($1.15 billion) and is expected to reach 70 billion baht by 2024. Globally, the legal cannabis market is currently worth $100 billion, according to the Global Cannabis Report.

There is also a political motivation: the ruling coalition’s Bhumjaithai Party proposed the legalization of marijuana as a campaign promise in late 2018, ahead of a significant election the following spring.

The party, which has a stronghold in Thailand’s impoverished northeast, advocated removing marijuana from the narcotics list and allowing anyone who wants to make money to produce it. Now, four years later, many farmers have the opportunity to learn more and pursue their commitment to cultivating a lucrative crop.

Who is permitted to smoke cannabis?

Cannabis is legal for adults over the age of twenty who are neither pregnant nor nursing.

Where exactly can you use it?

Cannabis from sites like wonderlandbangkok.com may be smoked at home, and cannabis-infused meals may be consumed in restaurants with a valid license. Smoking marijuana in public places, such as schools, temples, and shopping malls, is punishable by a $750 fine and a three-month jail term. Individuals should avoid “encroaching” on the space of others.

Where can you buy it?

There are about 5,000 marijuana dispensaries in Thailand that sell cannabis flowers, pre-rolled joints, candies containing less than 0.2% THC, infused foods, and CBD oil. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya are rife with dispensaries. However, make every effort to shop from reputable, licensed businesses.

Can you cultivate it?

Individuals who wish to cultivate this hybrid cannabis must register with the Food and Drug Administration. To use cannabis flower buds for research, export, or commercial processing, authorization is also required.

How much can you consume?

There is no restriction on individual use. However, the ministry’s recommendation discourages driving under the influence of weed.

What is still prohibited?

No parts of the plant or its seeds may be brought into or out of the country by visitors. Additionally, visitors are unlikely to be granted authorization to possess cannabis extracts with THC concentrations exceeding 0.2%.


Thailand is the only country in Asia to legalize marijuana and permit its personal use, cultivation, and possession. However, there are still restrictions on its use. After the legalization of cannabis in Thailand on June 9, 2022, it is essential to know what is and is not legal. The safety and well-being of all tourists to Thailand is a top priority for the Royal Thai Government. As the major government body responsible for promoting and marketing Thailand as a preferred tourist destination, the Tourism Authority of Thailand is coordinating closely with all relevant public and private organizations to prevent any regrettable situations involving tourists and local Thais.