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Curious Constructions Workshop

In the unique worlds of Evelyn Kleis’s assemblage artwork, every trinket, board game piece and toy character helps tell the story of a fantastical place. In conjunction with her exhibition Cosmic Curiosities, Evelyn is inviting you to join her in the creation of these weird and whimsical worlds.

Using materials from Evelyn’s personal collection of knick-knacks, action figures, folk art and doodahs, participants will embrace their imaginations and construct their very own assemblage sculptures. Evelyn will guide participants through exploring composition, visual storytelling and world building using her wisdom from over 40 years of art education. Once completed, participants will share the fun as group by talking about the scene they have constructed. At the end, you get to take your piece of art home to be enjoyed by family and friends.

Explore your imagination, creativity, and engineering skills with this hands on experience!

Please Note:

  • The August 5th workshop will be tailored towards teens and adults aged 14+ with a material fee of $20
  • The August 6th workshop will be tailored towards kids aged 9+ with a material fee of $10
  • Workshops will take place at TREX Space (#2 516 3rd Street SE)