Dog Won’t Drink Water? These Tricks Will Keep them Hydrated

Healthy pet dogs are mostly good at monitoring and managing their daily water intake, but this isn’t the case for young puppies and senior dogs. Unless your furry buddy goes through minor or serious health conditions, they might consume less or more water. But whatever the factor for your dog’s lack of interest in water, there are numerous methods to trick them into taking enough water. So let’s discuss how you can make your unwilling dog take in more water.

5 Techniques to Hydrate Dogs Refusing to Drink Water

Maybe your dog is senior, young, ill, or in a place with an unfamiliar water source that’s keeping them from drinking adequate water for their age and size. However, you won’t have to worry anymore as the five techniques we have gathered below to make your dog drink water should effectively help you.

1. Add flavorings to the water

One way to be creative in making your dog drink water is by adding flavor to their drinking water. Adding bone broth, low-sodium beef broth, or chicken broth (without the onions) to the plain water can tempt your pet to drink more and even savor doing it.

2. Give them ice cubes

Like people, dogs find cold water more inviting than room temperature water, especially in summer seasons, so dropping a couple of ice cubes into their water could tempt them into drinking more. Moreover, you can give out ice cubes as treats. Not only will they have something to chew on, but they’ll likewise get hydrated simultaneously.

Making flavored ice cubes can make it more interesting for your dog. It can be a frozen broth, a mix of water and peanut butter, blueberries, watermelons, and other more dog-safe fruits. To make your pet more comfortable when they look filthy or throughout the summer, taking them to Mamaroneck vet facilities that offer grooming services can make them feel fresh and prevent parasites and specific health conditions.

3. Make sure the water is clean and fresh

Dogs can put terrible things in their mouth, but you may be stunned that they’re picky with the water they’ll consume. People would never want to drink unclean or dusty water, and the same for pets. Even if the water doesn’t look muddy on the surface, dogs can taste it and know if it’s days old. Changing the water every day may solve this issue.

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4. Feed them wet dog food

Aside from wet canned foods, adding water to any dog food, such as kibbles, homemade, or commercial raw food, helps ensure your loyal buddy gets enough water daily.

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5. Give more water bowls

Puppies might not drink water if they know there’s just one water bowl in an entire home. They may think that going to a particular place to consume water might not be worthwhile. So keeping water bowls outdoors, in your bedroom, living room, and anywhere else your pet hangs out may eliminate this issue.