How to Pass the Medical Exam for Immigration to Ontario in 5 Easy Steps

A medical exam may be required as part of the procedure for obtaining permanent residency in Ontario, Canada. Although passing the immigration medical exam in Ontario is simple, the process can take some time. Following these five steps, you may learn more about the procedure and what to expect.

1. Find an Approved Panel Physician

Immigration medical examinations begin with locating a doctor on the required panel. To conduct immigration medical examinations, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) only allows panel physicians. The IRCC website features a comprehensive directory of approved panel physicians in Ontario.

Find a doctor on immigration services in Toronto and schedule a checkup as soon as possible. Note that your medical exam must be performed by a doctor who is on the list of doctors approved by the insurance company.

2. Prepare for Your Medical Exam

Before you ask what to expect from Canada immigration medical exam, there are several things you may do to get ready for your physical. Your passport and any relevant medical records should be among the first things you remember to bring to your scheduled visit. Your list of current drugs and allergies should also be brought along.

Wear something easy and relaxed to your medical appointment. You should dress in comfortable, easy-to-remove clothing in case you are requested to disrobe during the exam.

3. Complete the Medical Exam

Doctors from places like Complete Immigration Medical Centre medical exam will conduct a thorough physical examination and ask you questions regarding your medical history. Your vision, hearing, blood pressure, and other bodily functions will be tested and examined as part of the comprehensive physical.

If the doctor suspects tuberculosis, he or she will order a chest X-ray and do a blood test. Tuberculosis is a common and deadly infectious disease in many regions. Further testing or treatment may be required if you test positive for tuberculosis before your immigration application can be processed.

4. Wait for the Results

The panel physician who examined you will report his or her findings to IRCC. Medical examination results are often reviewed by IRCC after a delay of several weeks.

If the medical examination reveals no serious health problems, you will be approved to immigrate. IRCC reserves the right to seek additional tests or medical records to fully evaluate any concerns raised.

5. Receive Your Medical Exam Certificate

Even if you pass the medical exam, you may still have to do more to get your immigration application accepted. The applicant may be required to submit extra paperwork, appear for an interview, or go through a security check.

The IRCC will send you a letter of approval if your immigration request is successful. The actions necessary to finalize your immigration status are outlined in this letter.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Immigration Medical Exam Process

Who needs to undergo a medical exam for immigration to Ontario?

All applicants for permanent residence in Canada can require a medical examination. Refugees, as well as those seeking economic and family-based immigration, fall into this category.

How much does a medical exam for immigration cost in Ontario?

The price of an immigration medical exam will depend on the panel doctor you see and the tests they order. A visit to the doctor will often set you back between $250 and $500.

What happens if I test positive for tuberculosis??

In order for your immigration application to be approved, you may need to undergo further testing or treatment for tuberculosis if you have tested positive for it. The infectious disease tuberculosis is taken very seriously by IRCC.

 What happens if I fail the immigration medical exam? 

 If you fail the immigration medical exam, you will be notified by the Government of Canada and allowed to address any identified medical issues. Depending on the nature of the issue, you may be able to retake the exam later or be required to seek medical treatment before being allowed to enter Canada.


The immigration process to Canada can be complex, and one important step that must be completed is the immigration medical exam. This exam is mandatory for most immigrants and helps ensure that newcomers to Canada are healthy and unlikely to place an undue burden on the country’s health.