Myths Exposed: Debunking Four Dog Boarding Misconceptions

Leaving your dog for the first time at a daycare or boarding facility is stressful. If you need to leave your dog somewhere while you are away on business or are taking a vacation to a place that does not allow pets, an in-home dog boarding kennel is a great alternative.

Widespread Myths About Dog BoardingĀ 

While it’s understandable that no pet owner anticipates being apart from their pets, there are times when it’s inescapable. You have the right and the responsibility to demand the best possible care for your pet while you are gone. Your pet deserves the best, so arm yourself with as much information as possible about the different choices for pet care before making a final choice.

Because of this, it is crucial to eliminate some usual myths regarding pet boarding and become better educated about the concern.

Myth 1: All dog boarding facilities are the same.

There are better and worse local dog boarding facilities. One of the most frequently voiced concerns regarding dog boarding is the lack of cleanliness; as a result, ensuring the facility fulfills all health and safety standards is crucial. Your pet’s size must be considered when selecting a reputable boarding facility. The number of dogs per room, hygiene procedures, and feeding schedules are just three of the several considerations to consider while choosing a facility.

Before selecting a boarding facility, guarantee you have a strong understanding of your dog’s particular requirements. Nothing is worse than understanding that your pet buddy is stuck somewhere they don’t feel safe and happy. If you are looking for a top-notch place to leave your dog, click here.

Myth 2: The dog will get into a fight.

This is possible and does happen occasionally, but the facilities have staff trained to deal with and defuse situations promptly. Dogs at most facilities are separated during the day, limiting the likelihood of fights breaking out. Although a dog needs to interact with other dogs, owners should not let the possibility of fights prevent them from socializing with their pets.

Myth 3: Dog boarding makes dogs ill.

Any reliable dog boarding service will need a complete physical checkup of your pet before accepting it. Additionally, it is typically required that canine companions be fully vaccinated and up-to-date on all vaccines. When problems arise, a good facility usually has a vet on call. The animal’s welfare is ensured, and the owner’s mind is at ease.

In contrast, before bringing your pet in, guarantee it had an excellent grooming session. If you do it this way, the individual you leave your pet with will find it in exceptional condition. Nonetheless, if you do not have time to groom your pet, numerous dog boarding facilities offer dog grooming services that may assist you.

Myth 4: They won’t receive the attention they need.

Boarding facilities for pets provide a more loving environment than the ordinary pet-sitting situation. Staff at boarding facilities spend quality time with each pet, offering them the care and companionship they yearn for while their owners are away. During supervised playtime, other social, amiable pets provide additional attention to the participating pets, which they cherish.


Anyone planning to be away from their dog for a long time must examine local dog boarding choices if you have any uncertainties about what’s ideal for your dog and its owner; arming yourself with the facts can help.